how to book nail art

Nail art is a must have if you want Instagrammable nails, but when booking online or over the phone, it can be tricky to know how much time to book.

In order to give your technician to create the nails of your dreams, you need to book enough time out in our appointment schedule. If you don’t book nail art time, we may not be able to create the nails you request.

Different types of nail art take varying amounts of time. Simple dots or lines are quite quick to complete, but a full set of ombre could take up to half an hour extra.

The guide below is designed to give you a general idea of which Nail Art Add On to book for the nails you want, but please bare in mind this is just a guide, and nail art timings can vary. If in doubt, please send pictures of the nail art you would like to your local salon by e-mail, and we will book in the correct amount of time for you.

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French Add-On

French is a simple line over the tip of the nail, to mimic the natural white of the nail. You can also use this add-on for more abstract types of french, like Chevron French (as shown in the image) or an alternative colour. You can also use this add-on for glitter french, if you are happy to use one of our glitter polishes.

You may also use this add-on for a glitter fade, which can be done in either glitter polish, or powder glitter.

This add-on is not suitable for sculpted french nail extensions, or for Ombre French (baby boomers).

15-Minute Add-On

Our 15 Minute Nail Art Add-On is for simple nail designs. The maximum price for 15 minutes is £9, but if your technician finds the nail art simpler and quicker than this, they may lower the price accordingly.

This add on is perfect for stripes, spots, dots, simple flowers, some animal prints, and more complicated designs that are only on 1-2 nails. This tends to also cover marble nail art, glitter fades, geometrics and simple character designs if only on a few nails.

15-Minute Nail Art
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30 Minute Add-On

A 30 Minute Nail Art Add-On will cover most of your Insta-perfect nail designs. We really recommend you give us a ring to confirm the nail art you’d like to have if you book a 30-minute nail art add-on, that way we can match you with the technician who is most confident creating that style of art.

30 Minutes is ideal if you want a design on every single nail, for more complex character designs, for ombre and detailed florals. It’s also good for complex french-style designs, like heart french tips and striped french.

Chrome Add-On

Do you love Chrome? It’s a trend that’s made to last. You can have a full coverage of chrome, a fade, or even a simple design. The only stipulation is that chrome must be booked with gel polish, as it adheres to this best.

Chrome is also what you need to book if you love the mermaid or unicorn glitter effect. It also comes in rainbow holo, mirror or chameleon chrome.

Book the full chrome add-on if in doubt, and we’ll adjust the price if it’s a simpler design.

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Ombre Add-On

Ombre is a must-try trend for nails, most often we do french ombre, where a white tip fades into pink, but there are plenty of options to try with ombre!

Why not try a bright neon, contrasting tip? Or two highly contrasting colours for a real impact – like red and black!

We really recommend calling up if you want an alternative to french ombre, as this is high-skill nail art and needs to be matched with a technician who is confident to create it.

Glitter Add-On

We have a range of glitter gel polishes and normal polishes at Nailista, which are no extra charge to have, but if you want something more advanced like sculpted glitter extensions, or any sort of powder glitter, you’ll need to book a glitter add-on.

Powder glitter is unique compared to glitter gel polish, it can be applied in a variety of finishes, such as sugaring where the glitter is left as a rough finish, but creates an extra sparkly look. We can also apply glitter burnished which is great for holographic glitters, as it creates a smooth and shiny effect.

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