Wedding Nails

Wedding nails

Want to book an appointment? We recommend gel or acrylic extensions for chip proof wedding nails, see our full list of treatments here.

For blushing brides-to-be, having perfect wedding nails is right up there with having the right dress and making sure you’re wearing something old, new, borrowed and blue.

So, we asked our technicians to give us some of their top tips to help prepare for that big day.

They’ve come up with some great ideas to ensure your nails are as sparkling as the champagne!

Just follow these tips and keep on top with your regular manis & pedis, then go for something extra special just before your big day.  Talk to our team about a bespoke series of treatments to ensure you look and feel gorgeous on your special day !

Preparation is key –  It takes 3 months for a nail to grow. So start by having a consultation with one of our professional technicians to ensure you are having treatments and using products that are right for you, consider a course of treatments to get you on track for the big day.

We are what we eat – A healthy balanced diet is essential not only for nails but your hair and skin too. Ensure you are having enough calcium and Omega oils.  No DIY dieting!

Cuticles are crucial – Use a good quality cuticle oil – Dadi Oil is what we recommend and is available at nailista. They moisturise nails and the skin around them – so your nails become more supple and you’ll prevent splitting.

Shape up – Stick to the natural shape of your nails as much as possible and if you prefer a rounded shape make sure you don’t take too much off the sides as it can cause nail splitting.

She wears it well –Colours change depending on your skin tone so make sure you choose a colour that works well for you. If your skin tone is pale then lighter shades with pink or blue undertones are best. Pastel colours can look great too. Choose pinks or reds to brighten the complexion. With fair complexion beige, white and silver can be fabulous.Those with blue undertones look great with pink based varnish. Medium skin tones enjoy a wide range of colours and can be more choosy. Peach or gold colours enhance olive complexions.

Too bling bling? – Don’t go for a very pearlescent colour on your nails. As with eye makeup it reflects the light more than matte products and can look different on the photographs. Matte with glossy finish would be our favourite.

Do you speak French? – The French Manicure is back! Perfect for brides with well maintained nails, but if you need to cover up go for opaque pastels. Or choose a longer lasting treatment like Two Weeks On Shoot  and Flawless Finish with a French finish.

Softly does it – Invest in a good hand cream like OPI Avojuice to moisturise hands in between your treatments. An extra deep hand massage with moisturiser and hot towels combined with exfoliation twice a month will detox the skin and help cells to regenerate and skin will look healthier and younger.

Top tip!  Always wear gloves when washing up, many liquids remove oils from your skin and nails as well as your dishes!!

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