With consistently high quality standards and exacting hygiene routines, we’re among the most regularly recommended best nail salons in Cheshire and Manchester. Want to know what all the fuss is about? Just take a look at our manicure packages and see what we can do for you! If you’re tempted, head over to our bookings page and treat yourself.

Don’t forget to book your add-ons when you book online! French style, nail art and other treatments will take longer than our standard manicures, so forgetting to book them might not leave your technician enough time to give you the exact manicure you want. 

Gel polish manicures and nail extensions are listed further down, our standard manicures include OPI or Artistic Colour Revolution polish. Pedicures can be found here, and brow and lash treatments are here.

Standard Manicures

Perfectly Polished – £11

15 Minutes

Perfect for those looking for an express pamper! One of our expert Nailistas will shape your nails in no time and apply a fresh coat of gorgeous polish from our OPI range. Choose as many colours as you like, but don’t forget add-ons for French or nail art.

Sleek & Chic – £18

20 Minutes

Cuticles looking a little rough around the edges? Book a Sleek & Chic if you need a cuticle push back and tidy up, which will leave you with a great neat base. Our Nailista’s will then file your nails into shape and apply any colour of your choice from our standard polish range.

Signature Style – £25

30 Minutes

In need of a real pamper? Nails in desperate need of a little love? The Signature Style manicure is for you. Start with a file to your favourite shape and then get those nail beds into beautiful condition with advanced cuticle work and a gentle buff for the ultimate smoothness! When everything’s ship-shape we’ll give your hands a pamper too with a hand massage and hot towels to open up those pores and seal in all that moisture. Once done, we’ll apply your favourite polish colour and you’ll be ready to face the world!

Relaxed Style – £32

40 Minutes

For those in serious need of indulgence. Ideal for a pre-party treat, but also great as a regular treat if you are so inclined! The Relaxed Style Manicure is our most luxurious mani, including everything that the Signature Style does, but with exacting attention payed to every stage of your manicure for the ultimate nail treat, finished off with our decadent Smooth as Silk hand massage – a deep conditioning skin mask that will leave your hands supremely soft!

Gel Manicures

Gel-To-Go – £20

30 Minutes

Want an express gel manicure? This is for you! Our Nailista’s will quickly file your nails to your ideal shape, then apply CND Shellac or Artistic gel polish in any colour of your choice. Perfect for gorgeous nails on the fly!

Two Weeks on Shoot – £29

45 Minutes

A full gel manicure guaranteed to last 2 weeks. With this package our Nailistas will perform all the necessary prep on the nail plate to get it in great condition to cling onto that gel polish for as long as possible; including filing, buffing and advanced cuticle work. This is the manicure to go for if you’re heading out on holiday or have an important occasion coming up such as a wedding. We’ll even top the whole process off with a moisturising hand massage and cuticle oil, so you can relax knowing you’ll leave with nails to be envied.

Nail Extensions

Any of our nail extension packages can include Hard Gel extensions or Acrylic Extensions. Which you choose is up to you, but bare in mind hard gel removal must be filed off and acrylic can be simply soaked off. These packages also include standard polish, if you would like to upgrade to gel polish please add the TWOS add on.

The Mini Jet Set – £25

1 hour

Transform your nails into something truly Instagram-worthy! This express package is ideal for those on the go; our Nailistas will shape and file your nails before applying either hard gel or acrylic extensions. Upgrade to more complex shapes such as Ballerina and Coffin for £5 extra, and have any colour of standard polish expertly applied. Then you’re good to go!

The Full Jet Set – £40

1 Hour 15 Minutes

The ultimate manicure for anyone who wants deluxe nail extensions. Experience a full manicure with filing, detailed cuticle work, prep and buffing to get those nails in great condition to hold onto strong extensions. Shaping is included with this package, so feel free to go for advanced shapes such as Stilletto, Ballerina or Coffin. Have your favourite colour polish applied, after being treated to a hand massage, moisturiser and cuticle oil.

2-Week Infill – £19

3-Week Infill – £29


Want to take your manicure to the next level? Why not consider some of our great upgrades!

Smooth as Silk – £15

A truly indulgent hand massage with our Smooth as Silk nail mask, ideal if your hands are looking a bit dull, dry and unloved. Also ideal if you just want to treat yourself to beautifully soft hands!

French Style – £5

Perfect, crisp, clean french manicure upgrade, expertly painted with normal polish or gel.

Less is More – £5

Peeling or picking off gel polish is a big no-no if you want to keep healthy, strong, undamaged nails! Allow one of our fully-trained Nailistas to remove your gel nail polish safely and cleanly.

Nail ER – From £5

Got a breakage? It’s no longer the end of the world! Our Nailistas have a wealth of knowledge for how to repair broken natural nails, or nail extensions. They can also fix chipped or damaged gel polish, no problem!

Extra Shaping – £5

Want a Mini Jet Set but with an advanced shape like Coffin, Stilletto or Ballerina? Choose this add on to give your Nailista the extra time she needs to perfect it.

Nail Art – From £9

If in doubt, get in touch about nail art and one of our Nailistas can give you some expert advice about how much time our Nailistas will need to replicate your favourite design.

Glitter – Full Set £10

Get ready to dazzle! Add a generous helping of glitter to your mani and amp it up.

Chrome – Full Set £8

Add to just a few accent nails or go fully fledged glitterati with shiny chrome on every nail.

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