What Does Your Nail Colour Say About You?

If like us, you remember being at sleepovers, pawing through all the super-girly magazines like Shout and Mizz, you’ll remember articles like this.

Oh the time we would spend working out ‘Which Boy Band Member Will Be Your Future Husband?’ and ‘Which 90s Girl Are You?’, you could say that time was wasted, or maybe it’s just something we all have as a guilty pleasure.

After all, modern sites like Buzzfeed still claim to be able to guess how many children you’ll have based on your pizza preference. (Yeah that’s a real quiz, you can do it here!)

So, we at Nailista decided to pick some of our favourite colours and reveal through our mystic nail technician senses, exactly what those colours say about you…

Goddess and Princess

This perfect combination of rose gold with pink glitter is the ultimate way to communicate that you are without a doubt, both a Goddess and a Princess. It’s bringing all the major God Is a Woman vibes. You are unapologetically girly, but that doesn’t make you any less strong. You can sip champagne and you can change a car tyre whilst doing it. You are unstoppable.

You have no time for boys on Tinder cause you’re too busy being a boss babe and conquering the world.

Wildfire or Cheeky

It’s the kind of bright, lipstick red that would make your grandma blush, but you wear your red talons like a queen. You’re likely a feminist warrior and a total glamazon. The idea of nude nails makes you feel uncomfortably awkward, you’re more of a ‘Go Hard or Go Home’ personality. You’re not afraid of anything, and you’re the life of the party.

Fab or Majestic

Glamorous, mysterious and seductive, you’re all about those vampy vibes. Forget the club, you’re the smooth and kinda spooky femme fatale sitting in the corner of the cocktail lounge. You wouldn’t be caught dead drinking an alchopop. Your heels are about as sharp as your stare, and you’ve got a strange ability to linger on people’s minds when you leave the room.

Cake Pop

You’re the queen of cute, possibly the biggest fan of doggos and you love cat memes, though you might keep that side of you a secret. On the surface, you’re sugary sweet and elegant, you’re sophisticated and feminine, and you can’t resist a cupcake. People are never sad around you, you have a sunny personality and a positive outlook on life. Who needs a self-help book when they have you?

Toxic, Rave Bunny, Vivid or Wild

You were never afraid of colour, that’s certainly something they’ve always been able to say about you. You’re the kind of bride who’d walk down the aisle in white, and they slowly from the marshmallowy clouds of your dress, 6 inch acrylic talons in neon brights, totally covered in crystals would emerge. You’re a social campaigner, sick of the norm and ready to fight – you don’t compromise. Shine on, you crazy diamond.

Elegance or Field Fox

You’re a double gin and tonic. You are one of those wonder women that manages the work/life balance without breaking a sweat. Who says you can’t have it all? You’ve got a baby in one arm while cooking dinner, managing a small business empire whilst also changing the world. Move over Michelle Obama, first lady is so last year, you’re next president material.

Why not try a new colour today and see how it makes you feel? Book in now!

Didn’t see your favourite colour above? Send us some suggestions for our next article and we’ll work out your nail polish persona.