5 Ridiculous Manicure Trends We Won’t Be Trying in 2018

2018 Nail Trends

Everyone loves a good manicure right? And ever since Instagram became a thing it’s all about having the most unique claws to wow your followers and keep those likes rolling in. But are some of us taking it too far?

Whilst most of us openly love a good long coffin nail (even though it can split opinion!) we think many of us would agree that kebab skewer nails, or President Trump nail art is taking it a bit too far. That said, we’ll always try our best for you if that’s what floats your boat…

Here are 5 manicure trends you won’t catch the Nailista team rocking this summer:

The Donald Trump Manicure


Seriously, we’re not cool with this. When has this man every been a style icon, with his botched toupe and orange fake tan? But we guess politics is cool these days, so if you want your favourite political bae recreated on your nails, long as they’re a good guy/gal we’ll be happy to oblige.

Kebab Manicure


Been on a serious night out? Downed copious amounts of double vodka red bulls and now you’re sitting at the bus stop without shoes pondering a maccies? Don’t you just wish your nails had some sort of delicious shish-kabobed meal attached to them? It’s nail art, but it’s practical too right?

Nah, we’ll give this one a miss.

Flared Nails


You’ve seen Square, Coffin and Stiletto, now try… Flared nails!

Or maybe not. We’re al for some sophisticated quirky nail shapes, but this is a step too far. Sadly these scoop-like nails look a little like the acrylics you’d get for a tenner at the salon down the road, but they do actually require a lot of skill on the technician’s part to sculpt this complicated shape.

However, unless you’re a lady of leisure with your own personal servant to wait on your hand and foot, we don’t recommend replicating this look.

Bubble Nails


No, believe it or not, what you are seeing above is not a mistake, it was constructed with full intention! This super thick acrylic is wrong in more ways than one, and people are actually following this crazy trend. Would you dare to dabble?

Hairy Nails


We don’t know what to say. We guess it’ll be warm and cosy in the current UK weather, but we’re not all about looking like we’re ready to change on the full moon. Sadly there is no fluffy stuff in the Nailista nail art boxes…


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