2018 Celebrity Manicure Trends to STEAL!

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We’re all for coming up with your own unique manicure ideas by experimenting with the hoards of glitter, nail art supplies and polishes available at Nailista, but sometimes we just can’t resist recreating a celebrity trend! The best thing about celeb nails is that they’re totally easy to replicate by a trained Nailista; it might be impossible to ever afford a Kardashian’s wardrobe, but you can certainly have A-list nails.

Here are some of our favourite celeb nails as shared on their Instagram pages!

kylie jenner

Kylie Jenner’s Baby Announcement Nails

Nude and square nails are a celeb staple, they’re effortless and chic, and go with every outfit. Kylie chose to enhance her manicure with her baby’s initial in contrasting silver. Want to get the look? Book in for the Mini Jet Set Acrylic Nails and 15 minutes of nail art to give your technician time to monogram your talons.


Blake Lively’s Snakeskin Nails

It looks super glam, but it’s actually quite quick for a Nailista to recreate! We recommend getting this look by booking a Gel to Go for long lasting gel nails, and 15 minutes of nail art. Why not try another animal skin look such as leopard, giraffe or tiger.


Rita Ora’s Sparkling French Nails

Book in for the Mini Jet Set Acrylics with a french finish to get this super glam, festival-ready look. French never goes out of style, and many celeb manicurists are taking it to the next level with glitters, chromes and unusual colour combinations – why not come up with your own unique take on french?


Margot Robbie’s Sailor Nails

Who says nail art is only for long acrylics? Here Margot Robbie proves you can have cute, detailed nail art on short nails. This look can be replicated in both normal polish and gel, but we recommend a gel finish to make all the hard work worth it! Why not treat yourself to a full, luxury manicure with our Two Weeks on Shoot gel treatment for £29? Then just add a 15 minute nail art add on!

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