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With Ascot having just released a gentle reminder about their dress code, we can be sure that race season is well and truly on it’s way! The races calendar has quickly become a prominent fashion event as such as it is a sports event, and we’re sure plenty have already started planning their outfits for Aintree, which is just around the corner!


Sadly many of the events host just as many fashion faux pas as they do elegant attire, and it’s prompted many of the venues to reiterate rules on their dress codes. Each year even traditional venues such as Ascot review their dress code to ensure they have made their rules on the latest fashion changes; famously they recently added jumpsuits to their dress code due to their increasing popularity!

If you’re having trouble planning your outfit for a day at the races, look no further! With branches in Chester, Manchester and the Trafford Centre we’ve plenty of experience advising racegoers on their outfits for the local events, and we’ve also picked out a few suggestions for the perfect matching polishes, so you’ll be as manicured as the racecourse grounds.

Nailista’s Race Day Style Ideas

Race Season 2018


The colours we have chosen to go with these race day outfits are some classic favourites at Nailista. Majestic is a gorgeous deep burgundy, we think it goes with everything! Vortex Vixen is the perfect pinky-lilac nude, and Flashing is a stunning silky metallic red.
If you’re in doubt about which colour to choose, bring along a photo of your race day outfit and our Nailistas will be happy to help you find a complimentary tone!
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