2018 Colour of the Year – Ultraviolet


Pantone is possibly one of the most influential voices in fashion trends, the company helps designers from all disciplines; from fashion to furnishings; and graphic design to gardening; decide on colour palettes. That means their Colour of the Year is a bit of a big deal.

Purple vibes

The colour is decided by careful trend analysis; experts keep up to date with the latest fashions on the street in London, Paris and New York, and are the first to spot colours emerging at Fashion Weeks around the globe. They consider a whole range of other factors too, such as if a certain travel destination is becoming popular, or what artists are showing new collections, experts even take note of colours used in the latest tech releases.

Just take a look back on past colours Pantone noted; in 2017 the colour was ‘Greenery’ (remember the hype about palm leaf prints?) and in 2016 it was ‘Rose Quartz’ (Millenial pink, anyone?) and before that, it was ‘Marsala’, that deep oxblood red we saw on all the must have designer bags.

2018? Pantone are backing ‘Ultra Violet’, a rich, neon purple. Expect to see it trickling into the high-street when they launch their spring collections.


Pantone Colour of the Year


Featured: Artistic Pin-up Purple

If you want to be ahead of the fashion pack, it’s time to start thinking of Cadbury purple nails! We have plenty of choice when it comes to purples at Nailista, from parma-violet lilacs, to deep, dark, glittering indigo, but if you want a good dupe for Pantone’s Ultraviolet in a gel manicure, we recommend Artistic’s ‘Pin-Up Purple’ or CND Shellac’s ‘Purple Purple’.

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