What Nail Trends Will We See in 2018?


If you love being one step ahead of the crowd, it’s time to start thinking about what nail trends are going to be big news in 2018. Many things influence what we will be wearing on our talons, so we’ve looked at what’s hot with celebrities, influencers, Pinterest and the SS18 catwalk trends too! That means you can use this as your definitive guide to nail trends for 2018!

Geometric Nail Art


Image via Fashion Squad

According to Pinterest, pins of ‘geometric nails’ are up 83%, meaning if you choose some edgy, bold shapes for your next manicure, you’re walking in the leagues of the trendsetters. We’re not too surprised, as these nail designs can be simple but effective. The good thing is these blocky designs don’t have too much detail to them, meaning they’re easy to work with most outfits.

Negative Space


Image via So Feminine UK

Bring out the nail tape, because in 2018 less is more. These cool cut out designs are a gorgeous way to add interest to a nail design, and look dramatic when paired with extreme nail shapes such as Stiletto or Coffin. Combine this with the geometric trend by having a triangle design cut out at the lunula (near the cuticle) and you’ll be hitting two marks at once!

Sweater Nails


Image via Mon Vanity Ideal

We’re predicting this cosy cute trend will carry on from Christmas right through to the end of winter – as long as it’s chilly outside they’re still relevant! This adorable design is made by using builder gel to create a 3D yarn effect, if you’d like to get this design simply give one of our salons a ring and we’ll match you with an experienced technician in gel nail art.

Chameleon Chrome


Image Via Lecente

2017 was all about Rose Gold Chrome, but 2018 will be all about Chameleon Chrome! This magic powder not only gives your nails that cool metallic mirrored effect, it also provides a dramatic two toned colour, that changes according to the light and angle of your nails. It’s a must try! Just make sure you book for gel nails if you want chrome, it doesn’t adhere to normal polish.

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