Your Guide to New Year’s Eve Nails

New Year's Eve

When everyone’s thinking of Christmas nails, it can be easy to forget about your NYE nails! That shouldn’t be the case, especially if you got your nails done ready for the Christmas party season, they should just be due for freshening up the week between Christmas and New Year.

NYE is all about glitter and glamour, and the same applies to your new year’s nails, so here are a few of our most glittering inspiration ready for your next set!

Crystal Accent Nail



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You might need a celebrity budget if you want to emulate that celebrity trend of dazzling, Swarovski crystal encrusted nails, but having a single crystal accent nail is still a great way to add some much needed bling to your manicure without breaking the bank. Either choose just one nail, or have the ring finger on each hand bedazzled for a striking look.

Encapsulated Glitter Nails


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If you’re having acrylic nails, it’s possible to build glitter into the acrylic for bulletproof sparkle! Choosing glitter that comes in plenty of shapes and sizes with clear acrylic makes for the most striking effect, especially when laid out as a beautiful fade from the nail tip on longer acrylics.

Glitter Ombre


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Ombre has always been a big trend, but when it comes in glitter you have to stand up and take notice! A glitter fade is always gorgeous when matched with a glitter polish, but this idea involves fading into another contrasting glitter.

Glitter French


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Whether sculpted into acrylics or patted onto a gorgeous gel manicure, this is a great way to add glitter with a sophisticated twist, great if you’re not into full blown glitz! It’s glamorous with a frosty iridescent glitter over white french tips, or startling with a shocking neon contrast. Perfect for bringing in the new year!


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