Most Popular Autumn/Winter Colours at Nailista

Booking a nail appointment is easy (just contact us here!), but choosing a colour? That’s a whole other problem! At Nailista we have over 150 standard polish colours and just as many gel colours, so picking a colour before your appointment can be a real ordeal. It’s true you can never have too much choice, but we thought to make the process a little easier we’d put together a handy guide to the most popular colours in-salon for Autumn Winter 2017.

Below are a few samples of these colours up close, so you can fall in love with them ready for your next appointment!




If you’re looking for a true burgundy, Majestic is the colour for you. Red has always been a classic for most clients, but when the longer, dark nights draw in, you need a colour that’s deeper and warmer. Majestic goes with all outfits and it’s the perfect compliment to your winter woollies. Glamorous, dark and sophisticated, this berry red picks up cherry tones in the light, and wine purples in lower light.

I Wear the Pants

Majestic (2)


I Wear The Pants is popular all year round as another classic red, but it really comes into it’s own in Autumn winter as an ideal wine red. If you’re not a fan of purple tones in your red polish, I Wear The Pants has that luxurious red velvet look without compromising on pure red pigment.



Majestic (1)


If you love browns and nudes, but need something a little warmer for winter, try Uptown. It’s one of the Nailista favourites and often seen on our staff! It’s a muted pink-brown reminiscent of a softer brick red, and looks classic on any nail shape if you’re having acrylics.


Fallen in love with any of these colours? Don’t forget most of the colours in the Artistic Colour Revolution range can be exactly matched to the colours in our Artistic Gel Polish range, so you don’t miss out!

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