How to Care for Common Nail Problems


It’s easy to think disaster has struck when you suddenly become afflicted with a nail problem – problems can include white spots, dryness, flakey nails, weakness and brittleness, and it can cause a few issues with the longetivity of any type of manicure. However, most of these common issues actually have relatively simple fixes, that can be done at home or with the help of your nail technician. Let’s take a look at a few.

Weak or Bendy Nails

There’s still some contention about whether weak and soft nails are genetic, dietary or otherwise, but the chances are it’s a lot of different factors; however, there are a few things you can do to start to add some strength to your nails if they are soft and easy to rip. Firstly, start with a dietary supplement; most Hair and Nail supplements will contain biotin, which if taken every day can quickly start to make a difference. Secondly you should try a nail hardener; at Nailista we stock Nail Envy by OPI which is a great treatment you can do at home, but for more intense changes, try an IBX treatment, which helps to strengthen the nail plate from within. Only qualified techs can administer an IBX treatment, so book in at Nailista.

Splitting or Peeling Nails

This is another common issue which can benefit immensely from an IBX treatment; part of the process applies a strengthener which binds together the layers of the nail plate and prevents further splitting and peeling. Peeling can also happen when your nail is dehydrated, so be sure to keep up with the use of hand cream and cuticle oil, especially after baths and showers.

Gently buff your nails with a buffer to improve the appearance of them in the meantime, and apply a clear topcoat.

White Spots and Lines

It’s a common misconception that white spots are caused by a calcium deficiency. In fact, the white spots on your nails are much more likely to be caused by damage such as a blow to the nail plate, or dehydration. Unfortunately you’ll often just need for these to grow out on your natural nail, but a quick fix in the meantime is a french manicure with a nice opaque pink as the colour will cover the white spots entirely but still leave your manicure looking natural.

Sore, Red or Dry Cuticles

You can have beautiful nails, but if your cuticles are looking rough, manicures can still end up looking messy. The first course of action is to head to the salon and get them tidied up; your nail technician should push back the cuticles and remove the overgrowth, before buffing away the last of them and finishing up your manicure with cuticle oil. Grab some cuticle oil to take home too and apply it morning and night, and also invest in a good hand cream for the daytime.


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