5 Tips to Repairing Damaged Nails (As Recommended by the Pros!)

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Everyone’s been there. Maybe you’ve had a bad experience with a rogue nail salon, or maybe you’re the architect of your own downfall; addicted to picking off your own acrylics or gels. However your nails got damaged, don’t worry. With a little love, care, and a good manicurist, there’s a way to repair them.

Nails can get damaged for a variety of reasons, as mentioned above, badly applied nail treatments, botched removal, and peeling your polish off is a good way to end up with white marks on your nail plate. This is a sign the layers of the nail have been damaged or started to lift up through dehydration.

You can also neglect your nails on a day-to-day basis, by using them too roughly with the DIY, not wearing gloves when doing the chores, or by not getting the right nutrients or drinking enough water.

If you’re victim of any of these common causes of nail tragedy, try to follow the tips below and you’ll be flaunting your healthy nails in no time.

Invest in Cuticle Oil

Cuticle oil is a miracle in a bottle.

It’s primary function is to re-hydrate the nail plate, and the skin around the nail too – sometimes when nails look particularly damaged their only real problem is dehydration. Cuticle oil is the first port of call for damaged nails, you’ll be surprised the difference that using it morning and night can make. Keep a little bottle in your handbag and just apply it whenever it takes your fancy – bonus, it smells divine.


IBX is a breakthrough treatment for damaged nails; if you’ve experienced your nails becoming brittle, or perhaps papery soft, this treatment can show real advanced results after a few sessions. It’s not a quick fix, but there’s not much that can match the repairing ability of an IBX treatment.

You can add an IBX treatment on to any manicure or just have it on it’s own, in a few minutes a trained technician will apply the IBX which goes on like a polish. It then cures under a heat lamp and a UV lamp like a gel polish, which helps it penetrate down into the nail plate, strengthening it throughout.

Add an IBX treatment on every time you visit your nail tech for a few appointments, and you’ll soon see a marked improvement.

Try a Biotin Suppliment

Aside from drinking your recommended daily amount of water, there are other ways to nourish your nails from the inside out – taking a Biotin vitamin supplement once a day can strengthen your nails greatly, just remember to keep up with it!

Nail Biter? Try a Gel Manicure

It’s by no way guaranteed (A little willpower will work more wonders) but having gel polish on is a great way to help nails grow if they’re notoriously short. Gel polish, contrary to popular belief will not damage your nails if professionally applied and removed, and paired up with regular cuticle oil usage. Gel reinforces the strength of your nails so you’re much less likely to tear or break them, and a pretty manicure is a great reason to avoid nibbling at cuticles and nail edges.

Invest in Washing Up Gloves

You’re probably already used to hearing this from every nail technician out there, but it’s amazing the difference wearing gloves can make to your nails if you often garden or do the washing up. Avoiding exposure from a variety of different household cleaning products on your nails can actually help considerably long term! Whether you get a pretty pair of fabric gloves, or just use latex disposable gloves, it can only benefit your nails.

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