AW17 Nail Trends

What’s on Everyone’s Nails for AW17?

Fashion and beauty are tied forever hand in hand as industries, it’s now even becoming increasingly rare that a designer will choose to send their models down the runway without any sort of matching nails. In fact, more and more designers are even hiring creative directors for nails at fashion week, much like they would for hair and make-up. Thanks to the likes of Instagram, nails are really becoming a must-have fashion accessory!

And so they’re also experiencing their own trends. Everyone remembers when water marbling was a thing… however complex and time consuming it was! Then there was the chrome trend, geode nails and rose quartz nails; luckily these fashions don’t fade as quickly as high street clothing trends, but it is nice to see what the next big nail art technique or must-have colour is according to those in the know.

Here’s just a few of the trends we’ve spotted on the catwalks this season.

Pearly Finishes


With CND Shellac just about to release a new pearl top coat, you know there’s something going on with this trend. It started as an alternative to chrome, with a few nail art brands releasing iridescent powders that offer the same shiny finish as chrome, but just with a slight pearly tint to the nail colour underneath. You can also replicate the pearl trend by choosing polishes that already have some iridescent glitter in them.

Frosty French


French manicures never go out of style, but there’s always a way for a new take on an old classic! At Sophia Webster models had a classic french overlayed with a frosty, shimmery pink for a more muted, wintry effect.

Dark and Metallic


Dark colours always make a comeback as the long cold nights draw in, there’s something very cosy about them! This year everyone is still loving chromes, but this time with a dark berry red or oaky brown base. Try asking your nail tech for gold chrome over one of these dark colours, or just layer over a high shine top coat.

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