How to Care for Common Nail Problems


It’s easy to think disaster has struck when you suddenly become afflicted with a nail problem – problems can include white spots, dryness, flakey nails, weakness and brittleness, and it can cause a few issues with the longetivity of any type of manicure. However, most of these common issues actually have relatively simple fixes, that can be done at home or with the help of your nail technician. Let’s take a look at a few.

Weak or Bendy Nails

There’s still some contention about whether weak and soft nails are genetic, dietary or otherwise, but the chances are it’s a lot of different factors; however, there are a few things you can do to start to add some strength to your nails if they are soft and easy to rip. Firstly, start with a dietary supplement; most Hair and Nail supplements will contain biotin, which if taken every day can quickly start to make a difference. Secondly you should try a nail hardener; at Nailista we stock Nail Envy by OPI which is a great treatment you can do at home, but for more intense changes, try an IBX treatment, which helps to strengthen the nail plate from within. Only qualified techs can administer an IBX treatment, so book in at Nailista.

Splitting or Peeling Nails

This is another common issue which can benefit immensely from an IBX treatment; part of the process applies a strengthener which binds together the layers of the nail plate and prevents further splitting and peeling. Peeling can also happen when your nail is dehydrated, so be sure to keep up with the use of hand cream and cuticle oil, especially after baths and showers.

Gently buff your nails with a buffer to improve the appearance of them in the meantime, and apply a clear topcoat.

White Spots and Lines

It’s a common misconception that white spots are caused by a calcium deficiency. In fact, the white spots on your nails are much more likely to be caused by damage such as a blow to the nail plate, or dehydration. Unfortunately you’ll often just need for these to grow out on your natural nail, but a quick fix in the meantime is a french manicure with a nice opaque pink as the colour will cover the white spots entirely but still leave your manicure looking natural.

Sore, Red or Dry Cuticles

You can have beautiful nails, but if your cuticles are looking rough, manicures can still end up looking messy. The first course of action is to head to the salon and get them tidied up; your nail technician should push back the cuticles and remove the overgrowth, before buffing away the last of them and finishing up your manicure with cuticle oil. Grab some cuticle oil to take home too and apply it morning and night, and also invest in a good hand cream for the daytime.


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5 Tips to Repairing Damaged Nails (As Recommended by the Pros!)

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Everyone’s been there. Maybe you’ve had a bad experience with a rogue nail salon, or maybe you’re the architect of your own downfall; addicted to picking off your own acrylics or gels. However your nails got damaged, don’t worry. With a little love, care, and a good manicurist, there’s a way to repair them.

Nails can get damaged for a variety of reasons, as mentioned above, badly applied nail treatments, botched removal, and peeling your polish off is a good way to end up with white marks on your nail plate. This is a sign the layers of the nail have been damaged or started to lift up through dehydration.

You can also neglect your nails on a day-to-day basis, by using them too roughly with the DIY, not wearing gloves when doing the chores, or by not getting the right nutrients or drinking enough water.

If you’re victim of any of these common causes of nail tragedy, try to follow the tips below and you’ll be flaunting your healthy nails in no time.

Invest in Cuticle Oil

Cuticle oil is a miracle in a bottle.

It’s primary function is to re-hydrate the nail plate, and the skin around the nail too – sometimes when nails look particularly damaged their only real problem is dehydration. Cuticle oil is the first port of call for damaged nails, you’ll be surprised the difference that using it morning and night can make. Keep a little bottle in your handbag and just apply it whenever it takes your fancy – bonus, it smells divine.


IBX is a breakthrough treatment for damaged nails; if you’ve experienced your nails becoming brittle, or perhaps papery soft, this treatment can show real advanced results after a few sessions. It’s not a quick fix, but there’s not much that can match the repairing ability of an IBX treatment.

You can add an IBX treatment on to any manicure or just have it on it’s own, in a few minutes a trained technician will apply the IBX which goes on like a polish. It then cures under a heat lamp and a UV lamp like a gel polish, which helps it penetrate down into the nail plate, strengthening it throughout.

Add an IBX treatment on every time you visit your nail tech for a few appointments, and you’ll soon see a marked improvement.

Try a Biotin Suppliment

Aside from drinking your recommended daily amount of water, there are other ways to nourish your nails from the inside out – taking a Biotin vitamin supplement once a day can strengthen your nails greatly, just remember to keep up with it!

Nail Biter? Try a Gel Manicure

It’s by no way guaranteed (A little willpower will work more wonders) but having gel polish on is a great way to help nails grow if they’re notoriously short. Gel polish, contrary to popular belief will not damage your nails if professionally applied and removed, and paired up with regular cuticle oil usage. Gel reinforces the strength of your nails so you’re much less likely to tear or break them, and a pretty manicure is a great reason to avoid nibbling at cuticles and nail edges.

Invest in Washing Up Gloves

You’re probably already used to hearing this from every nail technician out there, but it’s amazing the difference wearing gloves can make to your nails if you often garden or do the washing up. Avoiding exposure from a variety of different household cleaning products on your nails can actually help considerably long term! Whether you get a pretty pair of fabric gloves, or just use latex disposable gloves, it can only benefit your nails.

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AW17 Nail Trends

What’s on Everyone’s Nails for AW17?

Fashion and beauty are tied forever hand in hand as industries, it’s now even becoming increasingly rare that a designer will choose to send their models down the runway without any sort of matching nails. In fact, more and more designers are even hiring creative directors for nails at fashion week, much like they would for hair and make-up. Thanks to the likes of Instagram, nails are really becoming a must-have fashion accessory!

And so they’re also experiencing their own trends. Everyone remembers when water marbling was a thing… however complex and time consuming it was! Then there was the chrome trend, geode nails and rose quartz nails; luckily these fashions don’t fade as quickly as high street clothing trends, but it is nice to see what the next big nail art technique or must-have colour is according to those in the know.

Here’s just a few of the trends we’ve spotted on the catwalks this season.

Pearly Finishes


With CND Shellac just about to release a new pearl top coat, you know there’s something going on with this trend. It started as an alternative to chrome, with a few nail art brands releasing iridescent powders that offer the same shiny finish as chrome, but just with a slight pearly tint to the nail colour underneath. You can also replicate the pearl trend by choosing polishes that already have some iridescent glitter in them.

Frosty French


French manicures never go out of style, but there’s always a way for a new take on an old classic! At Sophia Webster models had a classic french overlayed with a frosty, shimmery pink for a more muted, wintry effect.

Dark and Metallic


Dark colours always make a comeback as the long cold nights draw in, there’s something very cosy about them! This year everyone is still loving chromes, but this time with a dark berry red or oaky brown base. Try asking your nail tech for gold chrome over one of these dark colours, or just layer over a high shine top coat.

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How to Care For Your Gel Polish Manicure on Holiday – The Ultimate Guide!

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It may be the British summer, but that doesn’t stop us wanting to escape to warmer weather! This can be a logistical nightmare for your manicure though, especially if you’re going away for 2 weeks or over – just how do you keep your mani and pedi looking salon fresh when you’re hundreds of miles from your favourite Nailista?!

Don’t panic, because we’ve thought ahead for you and we have all the tips and tricks you need to see you through from sunny Spain and back to blustery Britain.

Step 1 – Choosing the Right Manicure or Pedicure for your Holiday


If you’re looking for long-lasting wear that’s difficult to chip, you want to be looking at a Gel Manicure; gel polish is specially formulated for long-term wear – at Nailista we offer two brands of gel polish; Artistic and CND Shellac, both offer the exact same longevity, but we have both brands to give you more colour choice. (Pro-tip! For instant beach glamour choose a tropical coral colour like CND Shellac Tropix or Artistic Snapdragon, they look very instagrammable against the pool, sand and sea!)


When it comes to choosing a Nailista package, we offer two types of manicure – Gel-To-Go and Two Weeks on Shoot. Gel-To-Go is our express treatment, perfect for when you’re in a rush to get to the airport! It takes just half an hour and a trained Nailista will give your nails a quick file before whipping on some gel polish. It’s ideal if you’re going away for a short stay or a week. However, if you’re going for the full two weeks, why not go for the Two Weeks On Shoot – it’s guaranteed to last two weeks as our Nailistas will put lots of time and effort into prepping your nails to grip onto that gel polish! That’s all your cuticle work, buffing and shaping, and afterwards a little hand massage and cuticle oil to get you ready for the wind down to your holiday.

Going away for even longer? Or maybe you just want nail polish that won’t budge under the toughest conditions? We recommend booking in for our Full Jet Set Acrylic Nails package with a Gel Polish Upgrade – gel polish adheres even better to acrylic nails, making it incredibly difficult to chip! Whether you want stiletto tipped kitten claws or just an overlay to your natural nail, this is the best package for the long haul.

Step 2 – Choosing the Right Colour


There’s two factors to consider when it comes to choosing your holiday colour – whether it will hold up to the intense sunlight abroad, and whether it will look good!

It’s a fact that the sun naturally bleaches colour, so when you’re nearer the equator you should watch out for this – lighter pinks in any polish, not just gel polish, can fade in the sun. We recommend if you’re planning on staying out in the sun and being exposed to other bleaching elements like pool water, that you go for a slightly darker and brighter colour if you want a guaranteed perfect colour. However, with proper care the effect is very gradual, and gel polish will hold up much better than normal polish still!

Bright colours always look fantastic in sunny weather, so if you’re going somewhere tropical orange-toned reds and hot pinks will be a hit. You could also opt into the neon trend; neon yellows and blues from Artistic look gorgeous with summer fashions. There’s also a perfect opportunity for dark emerald greens for a luscious tropical look.

If you’re feeling even more adventurous and really want to make a special occasion of it, why not upgrade your gel manicure with glitter or nail art? This summer we love flamingos, palm trees and pineapples for nail art!

Step 3 – Follow Our Aftercare Advice!


Aftercare advice is really, really important if you want to keep your manicure looking ship-shape. The basic rule we follow is to treat your nails like jewels, not tools!

On holiday, you’ll want to watch out for sunscreen, pool water and the sun; all of which can lead to lifting, peeling and discolouration of your manicure – you can still have all your holiday fun! Just don’t leave creams and chemicals sitting on your nails, wipe them off as soon as you can, or even better, give your hands a little wash.

Being constantly wet can also affect your manicure, so if you’re swimming a lot make sure you thoroughly dry your nails afterwards and apply a little cuticle oil to rehydrate them.

Cuticle oil is always a great shout for aftercare generally; especially if you have a gel manicure – shellac is actually permeable, and the oil will penetrate through the polish and keep the nail plate hydrated, ensuring a long lasting mani!

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